Residential & Detox Center
The Living Center​​​​​ of Fresno, Inc.
"Saving lives for 14 years"

About Us

TLC of Fresno

We believe addiction treatment requires a holistic, systematic approach, uniquely tailored to each individual’s needs and life situation. Our programs address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of abuse, and include other family members and significant others in the process.
At TLC we offer a complete spectrum of support services and programs including:

  • Counseling for Families
  • Follow-up Out-patient Services
  • Referrals to Sober Living Homes
  • Supplemental Online Treatment Programs
  • Adolescent Programs
  • Aftercare Programs that greatly contribute to your success after the treatment program​

No matter where you are in your recovery process we are here to support you!​​

We are a professional caring treatment center that is committed to helping you overcome addiction and reach your true potential. Please take a look at our site to see what we have to offer you or your loved one.
Your individual program may include:

  • detoxification
  • didactic and experimental learning
  • group exercises and interaction
  • family and individual counseling
  • addiction education
  • vocational training
  • parenting skills
  • recreation therapy
  • relapse prevention training
  • after care placement or referral
  • follow-up treatment services
Our programs strive to create the kind of positive experience you will look forward to participating in!